KCR assures to support Maharastara before Krishna Tribunal

kcr-mumbaiTelangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao after signing three agreements with Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis , has assured to support Maharastara before Krishna Tribunal

He said, The three agreements is an historic pacts in Irrigation between Telangana and Maharastara. the two states set a new trend to other states which are still having water disputes for decades.

He said, Telangana has suffered a lot of problems in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh for last several decades over the projects across Godavari . There was no progress made in solving problems . Telangana state seperate hood demand arose on three major issues like Revenue, Water and Jobs .The water issues would be solved as he took the initiative to solve the dispute and thanked Fadnavis for positive response.

While Fadnavis got assurance from KCR that Telangana will not question Maharashtra’s share in Krishna river water during the hearing of the case between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh before Krishna Tribunal and in the Supreme Court.