Kavitha’s excellent speech in Parliament

kavithaTRS MP Kavitha has demanded the fulfilment of the promises made in the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act by the Union Government. She spoke on the budget debate on Thursday.

She said, All the promises given in the Reorganization Act must be fulfilled. Our support to Andhra Brothers especially for the TDP and YSR Congress MPs who are agitating for last few days back. Government-governance is a continuous process. It is not good for the government when its own alliance partner TDP is agitating on the government. This sends the wrong message.

This budget has nothing for the farmers. It has been announced that the farmer’s income will double. But there is no strategy. There are no provisions in such regard. But I appreciate the govt for several reforms brought in connection to trade. 31 bills were brought in relation to the business. But what about farmers? Only 2 bills were brought.

Pesticides bill, NABARD bill, seed bill, cold warehouse bill are still pending. Why not allocations made for doubling farmers’ income from the first budget?. Why not Fertilizer subsidy is given directly to farmers’ account?. We wanted the centre to give national status to the Kaleshwaram project, But there is no progress. She demanded that Fazal Bima Yojana should take every farmer as a unit. The minimum support price is only 26 crops, other crops should also be given, told Kavitha.