Kavitha grooming herself for MP ticket

Kavitha grooming herself for MP ticket

Why Kavitha, the unofficial lady number one of TRS, is so taken up with installing a statue of Dalit icon Baba Saheb Ambedkar? It is as though there are no Dalit leaders who can get this done in the state.

Few would, of course, be convinced of her new-found commitment to the Dalit cause and its leader.

Kavitha wants Ambedkar statues to be installed in the Assembly premises. Why? “So that MLAs get inspiration from Ambedkar’s ideals’. It is a moot question whether MLAs need to be told about the greatness of Ambedkar by Kavitha, of all the people.

Obviously, Kavitha chose the cause to steal some limelight. After her now infamous activities against the release of Telugu (Andhra?) films in Telangana region, Kavitha has not been able to really take up a cause that would catapult her straight at the top of political pecking order.

It is no secret in TRS circles that she is hell bent contesting for an MP seat, most probably from Karimnagar – on Telangana Jagruthi (her pocket organization), if not TRS itself.

Since ‘all in the family’ criticism might be hurled at TRS and hence KCR might be constrained to withhold ticket to her, Kavitha has chosen her unique way of grabbing some political space for herself – through causes that can only give mileage.

The latest deeksha for Ambedkar statue is a clever move in this direction. Whether the government would fall for the bait is to be seen.