Kavitha attacks NDTV on Netas Salary hike

kavitha-ndtvTRS MP K Kavitha attacks the national media channel NDTV to justify the statement, defending the salary hike for Netas in Telangana .

Kavitha alleged that the national channel NDTV has conspired against non BJP states , She questioned the channel as why it has not taken the debate when salaries of Netas were hiked in Punjab.

While the channel alleged that only 321 out of 1986 farmer families got compensation, Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao and MLAs want salary hiked from 90k to 3 lakhs, cutting across party lines ,All the mlas are demanding pay hike. KCR spent 7 cr in mega ritual in drought hit Telangana and 2cr private jet to china.

Kavitha said, there is no need to discuss the issue on national tv. She said, Telangana government had invest 60k crore to give water for farmers in the state and its has raised salary for every section of various sectors. She further said, Some Telangana mla and mps don’t even have own house or cars or supportive business.

On Mega ritual She said, Media cannot interfere in her family affairs and questioned, What is the problem in spending on Mega ritual   from KCR’s personal money ?.