Kattappa and Sivagami romance shocks

kattappa-sivagamiThe people of Chennai were shocked after they returned to their seats in theaters screening Baahubali 2, to see Sivagami played by Ramakrishnan romancing with Kattappa played by Satyaraj.

For a moment the audience were in utter shock as Rajamatha of the Mahishmati Kingdom romancing the slave Kattappa. The royal slave was dressed like a King sitting beside the Rajamatha. Baahubali’s principal characters Kattappa & Sivagami as husband & wife was really a Twist for the Baahubali Chennai audience.

However, their curiosity lasted for just few second after they came to know that it was a commercial of the famous brand Pothys.

Pothys Owner turned most clever owner in recent times and took the advantage of the craze of Baahubali characters to catch the attention of the audience and market his brand.