Kaththi Mahesh political satirical film on AP CM

Kaththi MaheshNoted film critic Kaththi Mahesh is making a debut as filmmaker with a film titled “Pesarattu”.

Interestingly the critic turned filmmaker has chosen a political subject that suits the backdrop of present situation in AP.

Mahesh revealed the storyline of the film and it is about the kidnapping of the Chief Minister “Singapore ” Suribabu by three common individuals including farmer Sarojamma, Student leader Teja and principle Kesavulu and each has their reason for kidnapping . During kidnap, Suri Babu lose memory accidentally.

After kidnapping of Suribabu , his son Mandalesh gives an impression that Suribabu is in guest house . On the other hand, Teja bring his girlfriend psychiatrist to treat memory loss Suribabu. Suribabu start to feel that he is a farmer named rajaiah , who lost land in due to land pooling and starts agitation.

Mandalesh tried to take over the CM position and also attempts to kill rajaiah (who is none other than Suribabu). Despite knowing that Rajaiah is his father, Mandalesh tries to finish him . At lst Singapore Suribabu gets back his lost memory .