Kathi Mahesh replies Pawan Kalyan fans questions

rp_mahesh-kathi-174x300-1-174x300-174x300-1-174x300-174x300.jpgWriter Kona Venkat gave a suggestion to critic Kathi Mahesh and to remain silent until January 15 without making any allegation against Pawan Kalyan.

While Pawan Kalyan fans posed 7 questions to Kathi Mahesh who replied to questions posed. The Kathi Mahesh made clear that his family did not cheat anyone.

He denied that his father was corrupt and earned crores of rupees. He said His father after retirement bought a house in his village.

Replying to the question why his family is not going to the village, he goes to his house on his mother’s death anniversary. He also said his mother has not cheated anyone.

Responding to the question that, YSRCP leader Ambati Rambabu helped him to get an entry in Big Boss Show. He said The team of Mumbai has interviewed 80 people and selected them.