Kathi Mahesh reacts on Sunita’s Attempt to Rape allegations

rp_kathi-mahesh-300x250-1-300x250-300x250-300x250-1-300x250-300x250-1-300x250-1-300x250.jpgThe character Artist Sunita, who participated in a TV Show talk show, has made sensational comments on the Kathi Mahesh alleging “Attempt to Rape” by calling her inside the room.

Reacting on this Kathi Mahesh said, Sunita used to occasionally come to him for money. When she came to his house he talked to her outside. Then, gave her 500 and sent out her.She made Attempt to Rape allegations against him which are baseless.

He tweeted ” I will be filing a defamation case against Sunitha for falsely accusing me of sexual harassment and Konidela Productions for instigating her.”