Kathi Mahesh banned from entering Hyderabad for 6 months

rp_kathi-mahesh-300x250-1-300x250-300x250-300x250-1-300x250-300x250-1-300x250-1-300x250.jpgFilm critic Kathi Mahesh has been banned from entering Hyderabad for 6 Months for causing unrest with his provocative comments.

At a press conference held in Hyderabad,Telangana DGP Mahender Reddy blamed Mahesh Kathi for causing unrest and has taken him out of Hyderabad and dropped him in his native Chittoor district.

Mahesh will be arrested by Telangana police if he enters without permission from the police. He will be jailed for three years, said DGP.

Hyderabad has been awarded with the highest standards of safety. At this time some people are creating unrest through the social media. Especially Mahesh on the name of freedom of expression using TV channels as platform and making comments hurting sentiments of majority people . Some Hindu religious organizations strongly reacted against his remarks. Although freedom of expression is a fundamental right, it should not cross the limits to hurt others in society.

Mahesh was expelled from the city for 6 months. He was moved to Chittoor district. That’s where employment opportunities have been created. Three cases have been registered against Mahesh. The boycott is now limited to Hyderabad city. Anyone from around the world can come and work in Hyderabad. But if they are involved in anti-social activities, they will not be ignored.