Kathalo Rajakumari Movie Review – Unconvincing

Kathalo Rajakumaru-reviewMovie: Kathalo Rajakumari
Actors: Nara Rohit, Namitha Pramod,Naga Shaurya,Tanikella Bharani,Ajay ,Prabhas Srinu .
Music: Ilayaraja, Vishal Chandrasekhar
Producer: Soodya Narra, Prasanthi, Beeram Sudhakar Reddy, Krishna Vijay
Story, screenplay, and direction: Mahesh Surapanieni
Banner: Arohi Movie
TeluguSquare.com Rating 2.5/5


Arjun (Nara Rohit) is a big star in the film industry who plays villainous roles in movies. With more than fifty films to his credit and wins 5 filmfare awards. He also acts like a villain in real life with full of Pride and arrogance. Arjun is completely transformed by an incident.

This transformation reaches to such a level that he does not even show his anger playing villainous roles in his movies. He fails do justice to his roles as an actor. He asks many people as what to do to bring back his actor again. Nobody has an answer.

In such situation, Arjun goes to an old villain in films who tells him to find out his enemy, enter into his/her life and make life unbearable. Doing this, his cruelty will come out and will survive as an actor, says that guy. Arjun recognizes his childhood friend Sita (Namitha Pramod) as his enemy and goes in search of her. Sita runs a nursery in her mother’s memory and Arjun walks into her life to destroy her. What did Arjun do when he meets Sita? Did he meet that girl? Or not? What is the betrayal done to Sita by Arjun? Will he be resurrected as an actor? forms the story.


Nara Rohit has played a variety of roles in his career, his scene presence as the villain is impressive, but it was a small portion of the film.

Naga sourya appears in a guest role, Shourya (Naga Shourya) plays a role of an actor who doesn’t get enough recognition despite playing roles of a justice-seeking hero on screen. The main character of this story is the heroine. The whole movie revolves around her. Namitha Pramod in justified in this role. But it would have been better if a well-known heroine was roped for the role. Needala Srinivas, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay, Prabhas Rai are good in their characters.


Technically, Ilayaraja’s two songs were impressive. Dialogues are impressive in parts . The story is good, it could be more effective. Production values are good.

In simple line, Kathalo Rajakumari is the journey of a star who change his life for reviving his acting career. The director has executed the initial scenes effectively, especially the scenes related to the cinema industry. However, the director fumbled in executing the remaining story .

There are no strong reason for Arjun’s character transforming from bad to good character. The director should have shown the Sita’s flashback episode – childhood events, the reason for anger on her , branding her as his life-time enemy , in an appealing way .

Revenge on heroine looks unconvincing for the audience who also can also predict the second half. The lack of twists in the story, the screenplay is being slow, makes the viewers bit depressed. There is no entertainment also. The climax could be more interesting.

+ Story
+ Early scenes
+ Ilayaraja songs
– Lack of entertainment
– Slow pace

A villain in the story