Why Kashmir turns peaceful after Currency ban ?

kashmir-peacefulPrime minister Narendra Modi’s strategic clamp down on Fake Money/black money by invalidating ₹500 and ₹1000 currency notes brought peace in Kashmir.

Kashmir has been burning for years. If you remember, few months back, violence had taken an unprecedented level which all started with the killing of terrorist Burhan Wani.

It went uncontrollable as the agitations in Kashmir have been promoted and paid for by Pakistan-supported separatists like Syed Geelani. The protesters were getting paid daily wage to show their anger and frustration.

The currency ban is a severe blow on anti-national elements , the currency has lost its value, protesters are now jobless and people who are supposed to pay them do not have the cash.

For decades, India has been saying that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism in Pak occupied Kashmir while the Pakistan-based journalists and media houses were screaming out their lungs calling it as freedom struggle. Now the Pak media has any answer as why Kashmir turned into a peaceful Heaven?.