Karthi followed NTR & Bunny

Firstly we have seen Allu Arjun releasing his ‘Badrinath’ soon after tying the knot to Sneha Reddy. Of course the movie was a commercial flop. Secondly, Junior NTR’s ‘Sakthi’ & ‘Oosaravelli’ released few days before and after the marriage with Pranathi respectively were also declared duds. Now, Following the trend of flops our newly married heroes have faced just after their weddings, even the bi-lingual hero karthi joined the list.Karthi who established good market in Telugu with continuous successes has got his first disappointing flick ‘Sakuni’ last week.

In fact, this is karthi’s first film after joining his new life with new wife Ranjani. There were too much of expectations on ‘Sakuni’ before release as it is rated as a political satire. Director Shakar Dayal could not make this subject look appealing on the screen.