Karne Prabhakar Reddy complaint against websites

nayeem-karneMember of Legislative Council, Karne Prabhakar Reddy met the DGP to take action against those who are spreading rumours over politician’s links with gangster Nayeem.

Karne met the DGP at latter’s office and demanded to take action against those who are putting gossips on social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp and circulating names of politicians and linking them with Nayeem.

He said ,such gossips will damage the image , especially those who are in politics. He had given complaint against few websites which have published the photos too. He also complained against a News channel owned website.

Meanwhile There were reports that Nayeem was having links with two IAS officers and one IPS officer and an IPS officer used Nayeem to take vengeance against someone.