Kanhaiya Kumar denied entry into Hyderabad University

kanhaiyaJNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar has been denied permission to enter into the Hyderabad University .

JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar arrived at Hyderabad on Wednesday to visit the Hyderabad Central University to join protests over the suicide of Dalit research scholar Rohith Vemula .

He said he, along with three other JNU research scholars and professor, met Rohith Vemula’s mother and compared Rohith’s mother to Bhagat Singh’s mother.

He demande Centre should to pass the Rohith Vemula Act . He said they have come here for justice for Rohith Vemula. Unfortunate that Govt is not listening to voice of students. he further said that They Want to tell HCU admin & police who’ve prohibited them from entering University that they can’t suppress their voice.

Hyderabad University’s Registrar wrote to Commissioner of Police last night, asking for deployment of forces at the University for today.