Kangana in depression !

Relationships, love, heartbreaks, affairs are as common as brushing your teeth daily in the film industry. And till date, the average result of many relationships that the film people have ends in a negative note with breakups and depression. One more name has joined in this list now.

Her name is Kangana Ranaut and she was seen in the Telugu movie ‘Bujjigadu Made In Chennai’ alongside Prabhas. This Bollywood actress is reportedly in depression right now as she broke up with her British boyfriend few weeks back. The reason for the breakup is not known to anyone.

Inside talk is that Kangana has called upon her parents and other family members to come to Mumbai and spend time with her at home as she doesn’t want to be alone. As it is, not much is happening for Kangana in films right now. It would have been nice if her personal life was on track at least.