Kalpana’s shocking entertainment in Bigg Boss

kalpanaThe Bigg Boss Telugu 29th episode witness ‘never seen before’ Singer Kalpana, who got eliminated and delivered a big shock .Many of audience probably reversed their opinion about her after watching her today .

After Mahesh Kathi’s elimination on Saturday’s episode, Kalpana was eliminated on Sunday’s episode . Then came the most hilarious entertainment on the show, Kalpana gave her opinion on other housemates with songs .Kalpana’s performance and Navadeep entry as Wild Card were highlights of today show.

Kalpana gave her opinion on House mates , According to her, Prince would be Bigg Boss season one favourite contestant and the double minded person is Dhanaraj. She has expressed her opinion that she does not like Mumaith Khan.

The funniest part was, Kalpana’s imitating the other housemates with 100% perfection. She gave a blast for all with her comedy performance. Like every week , Bigg Boss has asked the eliminated Kalpana to through the Bigg Bomb on two celebrities.

The task of Bigg Bomb is as such, One of the housemate would become the door opener for another selected housemate , Even if he/she wants to go for a toilet. All doors has to be opened by the first housemate. Kalpana has thrown this bomb on Prince and Diksha Patani . Prince should help Diksha to get the doors open , he has become someone like gatekeeper for her .

Actor Navdeep has made the Wild Card Entry into Bigg Boss house on a two wheeler , it will be telecasted tomorrow.