Kalpana irritates NTR in Bigg Boss

kalpana-ntrThe reality show, Bigg Boss hosted by Young tiger NTR is gaining popularity day after day. Although the show was dull in its first week, it has picked up well in its second week.

Bigboss, which started with 14 contenders, now has 12 after elimination of actress Jyothi and Hero Burning Star. In Today episode(sunday)  Singer Madhu is likely to be eliminated.

In Saturday’s episode, NTR fulfilled his wish to bring Mahesh Kathi to the kitchen and make him cook Chicken dish. In the meantime, he gave a task to other participants.

He told other house members to nominate a member the throne of the knife as the villain and most of the members have nominated Kalpana as villain Sivabalaji said that Kalpana doesn’t sit to the Bigg Boss House.

Kalpana has irritated NTR by calling him Anna frequently, he requested her not to call Anna. Kapana started calling him Tarak guru. The rest of the house mates were laughing from inside.