Kaleshwar relatives share insurance money

The fight over insurance money among the various claimants in Kaleshwar’s family was resolved by a Minister of Anantapur district. Kaleshwar insured his life for Rs 5 crore, which was paid to his Shilpa following the former’s sudden death.

However, Kaleshwar’s father Subbarayudu demanded a share in the amount. After the intervention of the Minister, the amount was divided into two equal parts and shared between Kaleshwar’s wife and his father – Rs 2.53 crore to Shilpa and Rs 2.42 to Subbarayudu family.

The dispute over the properties of Kaleshwar still continues among his relatives.  A scuffle on the issue is said to have resulted in Subbarayudu having an heart attack and admission in the hospital in Bangalore. Now, the Minister is said to be mediating and his proposal to share the properties also equally between the two warring camps was accepted by the parties.