Kajal understands her level in Bollywood

Kajal has had a breezy career in Telugu.  A preferred A-list actress who has had a successful stint, she is not a bit obsessed about doing Bollywood.  Kajal made a 100 crore debut in Bollywood with ‘Singham’ last year and is all set to continue her successful streak with ‘Special Chabbis’ where she is the leading lady opposite Akshay Kumar. A very successful leading lady down South as well, Kajal admits that she doesn’t fuss much about her individual contribution to a film and is more than happy as as long it is designed as a meaningful entertainer.

She says in an earnest tone, “Also, even though Hindi is my own language, I don’t pick up anything just due to that factor. I have worked with some of the best people in South and getting my share of meaningful films in any case.”

Since Kajal is stressing so much on the meaningful aspect of affairs, one is tempted to ask her what was about ‘Special Chabbis’ that made her go for it despite it being dominated by it’s male cast.

“Purely the subject and the very fact that I am the only girl in the film”, Kajal gives out that smile here, “Even though there are four powerful male actors in the film, I am not intimidated by their presence. In fact I am looking forward to working with them.”