Kaikala complains being Ignored by TDP

kaikala“I am one of the founding members of the Telugu Desam Party and very close to party founder NTR, but for many years the party has ignored me,” said Veteran Actor Kaikala Satyanarayana .

Speaking to the media on political issues after facilitation in Vijayawada, expressed his dissatisfaction on the contemporary politics .

Remembering his closeness with NTR, Kaikala said, “TDP has stopped entertaining those who were close to N T Rama Rao. I am also one of the party’s founding members. However, the present TDP did not consult me for anything for many years. I was with NTR for many years . I have been away from the party for many years”.

“NTR has given an opportunity to be an MP from Machilipatnam. NTR assured me with Rajya Sabha membership after getting into power in 1995. But things changed drastically and unexpected events occurred,” said Kaikala