Kabali Movie Review – Overhype Kills

Kabali-ReviewMovie : Kabali
Director Pa. Ranjith
Producer Kalaipuli S. Thanu, Shanmukh, Praveen
Starring :Rajinikanth, Winston Chao ,Radhika Apte

Music :Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography G. Murali
TeluguSquare.com rating 3.25/5



Kabali(Rajinikanth) get released from Malaysian jail after 25 years and finds that 44 gangs have come up in Malaysia. Kabali is in search of main villain to seeking revenge. In this process he eliminates a drug lord, who inturn reveals about Kabali’s wife Kumudavalli (Radhika Apte).

One gang sends a girl (Dhansika) to kill Kabali. On the other hand Kabali starts a school to change goons and reveals his flashback to them…which goes like this, Kabali is right hand to good gangster Nassar , who gets killed by Japanese gangster( Winston Chao) . Later Kabali takes Nasser’s place and rise as a Mafia Don . He marries Kumudavalli . Other gang members attack Kabali’s pregnant wife Kumudavalli and Kabali kill them & lands in jail, flashback ends.

Again a gang corners Kabli and the girl Dhansika saves him and she is Kabali’s daughter. However Kabali takes a gunshot. Later, Kabali along with his daughter comes to Hyderabad in search of his wife and finds her. In the meantime the main villain takes control of rest of the gangs . Villains attacks Kabali in Hyderabad and kills Kabali’s entire  gang,  In this fight Kabali kills the main villain . When things takes a Happy ending, A Cop shoots Kabali.. this is the plot.


Kabali is old wine in New bottle, There is nothing fresh or entertaining elements in the film. Honestly Kabali will disappoint hardcore Rajini fans as it lacks mass elements and needed powerful punch liners. The film has a routine story with not much power in it. It lacks in Music department, Comedy and entertainment . Director Pa Ranjith failed in presenting a god-like Rajini and also giving an effective screenplay for the film, Kabali has very slow and steady screenplay.

Coming to Music, Santhosh Narayanan just lifted the film to different level with his BGM but the songs are not so impressive. Cinematography of Murali is Brilliant , the action scene were perfectly shot using different angles. The mirror episode between Attakathi Dinesh , John Vijay and Rajinikanth was Brilliant. Makeup was perfect , Rajini as Young and old Kabali , had perfect detailing.

While Director has completely failed to meet Rajini fans expectations, Kabali is coming after two flops films from Rajini and this would be a golden opportunity for the diretor to show his extra talent with a fresh script. But the director came with a routine story and the ‘taking’ was not so exciting either. It gives feel that movie lacks the much hyped Rajni’s flavour . One good thing is it portraits the struggle of Indians in Malaysia. Overall, Kabali is a good emotional action entertainer with not much twists and unconvincing climax.

Plus :

Rajinikanth’s Screen Presence
Radhika Apte.
Cinematography & Art Dept.
Production Values.

Minus :

Routine story
Slow Screenplay
Lacks Entertainment
Unconvincing Climax.

Overhype kills Kabali