Kaashmora Movie Review – Enjoyable Ride

kaashmora-reviewMovie :Kaashmora
Director : Gokul
Music director: Santhosh Narayanan

Production Company: Dream Warrior Pictures
Cinematography : Om Prakash
Starring : Karthi, Nayantara, Sri Divya
TeluguSqaure.com Rating 3.25/5

Kashmora (Karthi) is a self-proclaimed exorcist who pretends to have supernatural powers and cheats people that he could even talk with the souls, even his family support him as His father ( Vivek) plays a role of fake Baba . Once he gives an interview to a TV channel claiming that all his family members are born in Rohini Nakshatram and that’s the reason they possess these powers. Later he gives advertisements in dailies with such tall claims.

The real twist comes when Karthi is stuck in a Bungalow where Raj Nayak’s (Kathi) spirit lives in waiting someone to release. Coming to the Flashback of Raj Nayak, He is a warrior of Vikranta Kingdom (700 years ago), his strategies gives many victories to the Kingdom. But he is womanizer and eyes on princess Ratna Mahadevi (Nayanatara) and tries to marry her.

What’s  the reason for Raj Nayak turning into a ghost ? What is the connection of Rohini Nakshatra with Raj Nayak? , Yamini (Sri Divya) connection with Ratna Mahadevi?,  Watch on big screen .


Karthi requires a standing applause for his performance , his variations, getup, dialogue delivery deserves Thumbs Up. Nayanthara looks & performances not compromised. Divya has a limited role. Vivek was awesome.

From the posters and trailers, Kaashmora has managed to create a curiosity among movie buffs with its period characters. While Karthi’s ancient role is called Raj Nayak, Nayanthara is playing Ratna Mahadevi . When it comes to movie Kaashmora starts with an interesting Fantasy flashback that happened 700 years ago.

The main plot of the film is the connection between a 700-year-old curse and the present Karthi’s family . The visual effects are good, Music and BGM are ok and the cinematography is excellent.

In the first half, Kathi and his family cheating public on the name of spirits/souls. Fooling people with remote control instrument bring entertainment. The actual story begins when this family lands in a Bungalow. The pre-interval scene started getting into the story. Overall the first half was average. The comedy portions kept the film going. The combinations of comedy star Vivek and Karthi is the biggest plus of the movie.

In the second half, The 700 years old Kindom sets and the VFX match Baahubali standards .The war episodes are really appealing and look soo good. However, it lacks comedy that was in first half. But the excitements exists till the very end. Nayanthara portions require special mention, her presence makes the film one-step ahead . The second half was unexpected after an average first half , especially the war scenes. The artwork is too good and requires a special mention.

+Karthi’s performance, +
+ Comedy
+700+ years ago Episode
– The lacks entertainment in the second half
– Little Dagging


Engaging Horror comedy with Interesting concept