Kaadhali Movie Review – Sluggish

kaadaliMovie Kaadhali
Cast: Harish Kalyan, Pooja K Doshi and Sai Ronak
Direction: Pattabhi R Chilukuri
TeluguSquare.com rating: 2.5/5

Bandhavi (Pooja Doshi), is a physiotherapist at Osmania General Hospital, fed up with all her marriage alliances decides to love a guy on her friend’s advice. Bandhavi likes a guy Karthik (Harish Kalyan) who has a different mentality. Whenever he is happy or sad, he leaves home. After Karthik goes missing, Bandhavi likes another guy Kranthi (Sai Ronak) who suffers from anger from small things. He overcomes his anger for the relationship with Bandhavi. In the meantime, Karthik comes back. Both of them loves Bandhavi sincerely. Bandhavi falls in dilemma to select her life partner among these two, forms the plot.

Bandhavi’s character played by Pooja is crucial for the film. Her confusion and her gestures look okay. Even the lip sink doesn’t match. Harish Kalyan and Sai Ronak are good in their roles.


Praveen and Shyam music is impressive. The songs are cool. Vanamali has provided excellent literature. But the song placement is not right. The film is seen colorful. Conversations are good.

Kaadali is a triangular love story about a confused girl who is unable to decide over her life partner among her two boyfriends. This type of plots is not new. There is no freshness in the scenes in the story. The director went on placing the scenes side by side which was written by him. But the director did not keep in mind whether the scenes would really impress the audience or not?. The plot lacks drama, There is no turning point in the story. All the scenes are slow. But there was an attempt to bring those scenes to the surface as naturally as possible. Even the conversations between the characters go in a format as we talk in daily life which doesn’t give a feeling that we are watching a cinema.

In the second half, the director had nothing to tell about. He relied on songs to fill the gap till the climax arrives. Looks like as if we are watching the scenes repeatedly. Even the climax doesn’t go in a much emotionally way. Overall Kaadali is a simple love film with lazy execution.

Sluggish love story.