KA Paul Controversial Statements

Controversial Priest KA .Paul has come up with controversial statements again in a interview to a telugu news channel.

KA.Paul who made statements of his  re-entry to politics  contesting in by-polls for 18 seat which have gone vacant due to Jagan supported MLA’s  said that Congress, YSR Congress and  TDP  are corrupt parties and his party would remove the corruption after he gets into power.

He also said that  he is much popular than chiranjeevi and Jagan as  people more than 50,000 come to see him without taking single rupee where as chiru & jagan pays them still not more than 2000 people follow them.

He blashed on Chiranjeevi saying that chiru came to politics to earn money he figured out 2-3thousand crores where earned by actor selling tickets.

He praised KCR for his support when YSR stopped his 2000 crores foreign funds for his charity organisation, he blamed that YSR has asked him to pay 500 crores  from the charity funds to get released.He still enjoys 58 billionaires support around globe who pays him 2-20 crores whenever he meets and prays for them.