K.A.Paul lost his mental balance !!

Religious Leader K.A.Paul, who was arrested in connection with his alleged role in the murder of his brother David Raj two years ago, was undergoing treatment at Gandhi Hospital in Secunderabad on complaint of chest pain.  After confirming his health condition from doctors , Ongole police swooped on the hospital in civil dress late on Friday and tried to forcibly evict Paul from the hospital to Ongole sub-jail ,Paul created a big scene. The religious leader accused that Police came in civil dresses are not police at all and they want to kill him in an encounter.

But the police dragged him on the road as he was resisting their efforts and dumped him in jail.Paul lost his mental balance and  shouted very loudly ‘don’t kill me, you came here to slain me’, for which all the patients and doctors of night shift got shocked and alerted.

Did Paul lost his metal balance ? or he is suffering from Phobia ? is still a unanswered question.