Junior NTR’s next with Young director

rp_ntr-300x235-1-300x235-300x235.jpgActor Junior NTR who is doing series of films, with a variety of characters has come up recently Jai Lava Kusa and it is also revealed that NTR next film would be with Trivikram Srinivas.

As of Now, Trivikram is busy with Pawan Kalyan’s film. The film will be released to Sankranthi next year. Then Trivikram will take up NTR’s film. That means a gap of about 6-7 months for NTR.

While NTR is not in a mood to waste so much time sitting idle and thus planning to get into another project in this vacant time.

Recently, Dil Raju also approached NTR with a family entertainer script and NTR after returning from his Europe trip is likely to make a decision.

Since NTR is not ready to waste his precious time for six months. So obviously there is a possibility of doing Dil Raju’s film. Dil Raju also said that the script was ready and promised to complete it within a stipulated time.A young director seems to direct the film.