Julayi Got lot of Confidence, it must release on 13th July

It requires considerable planning and some strategy to dare to loose a big budgeted film, along with other big films. Julayi has the same feat now ready and there is a “Censorleak behind the back, say sources.

While the makers have announced that the provisional release of Julayi on 13 July, the date was never confirmed. But the other day, they have stated that 13 is the ‘mega’ date and are finishing post-production work on a war footing to achieve it. People will get confused as what they have led collide with ‘EEGA’ that just a week ahead. There are few sources showed that the Censor leak bonanza of insects Rajamouli’s has a lot of confidence to ‘Julayi’ data. Although there is a sensational talk everywhere ‘EEGA’ within report seems to be something else, Allu Arjun who otherwise would not have dared.

If ‘EEGA’ stone very well, “Julayi ‘gets a slap in the field of collections, but Trivikram is working his magic. Otherwise, “Julayi ‘another mega-hit after the super success of’ Gabbar Singh ‘. Fingers crossed!