Julayi clears British Board of Film Classification

Julayi clears British Board of Film Classification

Feature Film
Classified 09 August, 2012 .
Run Time 152m 15s

Expected to open on 09/08/2012
Consumer Advice: Contains strong bloody violence

Extended Classification Information (*SPOILER ALERT* Information may include plot details)
This work was passed with no cuts made.

The BBFC has placed this work in the ACTION genre(s).
The main spoken language in this work is Telugu.

Directed by Trivikram

The cast for this work includes: Allu Arjun, Leana D’Cruz, Rajendra Prasad, Sonu Soodn.

When submitted to the BBFC the work had a running time of 152m 15s.
The running time of this film was calculated from the measured length of 13702+3 ( feet + frames ).

This work was submitted to the BBFC by Boleyn Cinema UK Ltd. .

A film or video, together with associated trailers may exist in several versions and all versions known to the BBFC are listed below.

Category Type Date Company Run Time Cut Title
Film 09/08/2012 Boleyn Cinema UK Ltd. 152m 15s JULAYI
Details are likely to be more complete and accurate for the version submitted most recently.
When a film is transferred to video the running time will be shorter by approximately 4% due to the differing number of frames per second. This does not mean that the video version has been cut or re-edited.