Jr.Prince gets a costly gift from his dad !

According to latest buzz Prince Mahesh Babu who tends to be a loving fathers, proved as caring father too. Jr.Prince Gautam Krishna who is celebrating his 6th birthday on August 31st  got a very costly gift at his tender age  from his father.

Proud father, Superstar Mahesh Gifted Toyota Land Cruiser to his son Gautam Krishna. Gautam needs 12 more years to drive a car legally . But one wonder why Mahesh choise to gift a car to his son who actually don’t need this kind of gift . Reason behind is gift is Gautam is very much interested in cars and he actually knows to drive a car…Huh ? .Mahesh always takes him for long drives and Goutam handles the car perfectly in remote areas with his dad sitting beside him.

Anyways …God Bless him and Congratulations for his first car!”