Jr NTR Taking Gold As Remuneration?

Young tiger Junior NTR and his presence in the brand endorsement market is known to all. One of his biggest clients is Malabar Gold and he has been promoting the brand since quite a while. Now, it is heard that NTR has got a different form of remuneration for this assignment.

It is heard that the young tiger takes gold from Malabar Gold folks instead of money. Sources say he is taking gold because he considers it to be a better investment. Moreover, the quality of gold he would be getting is definitely going to be of a much higher quality for obvious reasons.

Reports say that the presence of NTR has boosted the business for the Kerala based Malabar Gold folks in Andhra Pradesh. So, they are also happy obliging the remuneration in the form of gold. If all this is true then one can imagine how many kilos our young hero must be having with him right now.