Jr. NTR snubbed by Nandamuri fans @ Vijayawada

Is there a split in the Nandamuri family? Is NTR being cornered? Is there a split in the Nandamuri fan base? The latest publicity posters of Adhinayakudu erected by the Nandamuri fans in Vijayawada suggest that all is not well in the Nandamuri family. In fact there is no sign of NTR Jr in the latest publicity posters that have been put up in Jayaram Theatre. As is the norm the pictures of all the heroes of the Nandamuri family were on display including those of Nandamuri Mokshagna Teja, (son of Balakrishna) and Nara Rohit as well. But there wasn’t a single mention of NTR Jr anywhere. “It is definitely a snub to the Jr NTR. The actor has parted ways with TDP chief N Chandra Babu Naidu siding with his father Harikirshna instead. NTR Jr was no where to be seen when Balakrishna campaigned for TDP in the lead up top the by polls as well. But the issue is being kept under wraps for obvious reasons,” says a source close to NTR.