Jr.NTR is lazy for ‘Walk’

 More than 100 participants who had gathered for a Glaucoma Awareness walk organised by the L.V. Prasad eye hospital early on Saturday morning were left disappointed as Jr NTR did not show up.

It had earlier been publicised that the publicity-shy actor would take part in the walk. However, the star, who had apparently told the organisers that he would try his best to be present, did not turn up in the morning. While celebrity director S.S. Rajamouli and music director Keeravani turned up, everyone was looking out for Jr NTR. However, no payments were made nor was there any binding agreement as the walk was for a cause and a voluntary event.

Some of those present felt that it was highly unprofessional as it had been advertised that the actor would be present for the walk. Student Rajesh Kumar says, I saw an announcement in the paper and turned up in the morning to be part of the walk. It was very disappointing that Jr NTR didnt turn up.

Sources said that a senior official from the hospital had approached Jr NTR and the latter had agreed to participate. Later, invitations were sent out mentioning that the star would be present. No one had informed the organisers that Jr NTR would not be coming till Saturday morning.

The hospitals PR assistant director Sam Balasunderam says, We have always relied on word-of-mouth agreements. Even Rajamouli and M.M. Keeravani had promised to attend and they showed up.