Jr NTR in an aged avatar

Don’t get it wrong. We are not talking about Gen-X star donning an older role in a film, rather he would be seen as a 60-year-old in a endorsement to promote hair oil in Andhra Pradesh. It’s well known that the reigning star admires his grandfather NTR a lot and dreams of reprising the roles of the veteran actors. So, when he got an opportunity, he roped in top Telugu director Trivikram Srinivas, to shoot the two-minute commercial and spent hours in getting the make-up right.

“It took time to grey his hair, moustache and beard. He even wore an old-fashioned dark frame specs to look 60-year old which was inspired by senior NTR’s look in yesteryear blockbuster Badipantulu, says a source close to the star who claims that star watches the old classics of senior NTR and is showing keen interest in remaking Ramudu Bheemudu or Dana Veera Soora Karna since his brief appearance got good response.