JP to launch ”Surajya movement”

Lok Satta party President Jayaprakash Narayan today announced that his party would launch ‘Surajya movement’ in the State on October 2nd to december 9th, marking the 143rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji, aiming for all rights and government services to all citizens living in the state.

Addressing the media here, Mr Narayan said while Swaraj movement achieved its objectives through non-violence and non-cooperation, Surajya movement’s aim to reach 1 crore people by organizing meeting at schools, colleges throughout the state. He requested media and all other parties to support his cause.

Stating that the nation was facing several challenges, including establishing a political culture, that is free from criminal and political dynasties and elimination of social discrimination based on caste and creed, he said several renowned social activists would take part in the movement.