Joint Fact-Finding Committee Final Report

jfcThe Joint Fact-Finding Committee (JFC) constituting Pawan Kalyan, Jayaprakash Narayan, Undavalli Arun Kumar, K Padmanabhaiah, IYR Krishna Rao and others gave its final report.

It said, the Centre still needs to release Rs 74542 crores to the state, Here are the details.


The Special Package / Centrally sponsored scheme component, the centre has to pay 16447 crores and Paid Nill, Balance 16447 crores.

Revenue Deficit, Has to pay 14333 crores, paid 4118 crores, Balance 10225 crores

Backward Areas, Has to pay 24350 crores, Paid 2110 crores, Balance 22250 crores

Reimbursement to AP to overcome loss on account of anomalies of taxation, Has to pay 3820, paid Nill, Balance 3820 crores

Vishaka Chennai Corridor, Has to pay 6000 cr, paid nill, Balance 6000 cr

Kakinada Petro complex, 5000 (visibility gap), paid nill, Balance 5000 cr

Institutes of National Importance, Has to pay 11673 cr, Paid 576+277 = 853 cr, Balance 10800 crore
Total Balance to be paid by the centre is 74,542 crores.

JFC opinions that Govt of India should compensate the Govt. of AP for the loss. It also should announce a roadmap to the promise made to Telangana.