JNU student tweet over Modi assassination ignite Nitin Gadkari

rp_nitin-gadkari-300x182-300x182.jpgThe tweet of JNU PhD student about Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has become a sensational Prime minister Narendra Modi assignation.

JNU student Shehla Rashid tweeted “Looks like RSS/Gadkari is planning to assassinate Modi, and then blame it upon Muslims/Communists and then lynch Muslims #RajivGandhiStyle”.

Shehla Rashid tells India Today – This was merely a sarcastic tweet with a random name to tell people how JNU students feel with constant attacks. Letter to assassinate PM is fake and to divert attention from govt failures.

In Reply Nitin Gadkari tweeted “I would be taking legal action on anti-social elements who have made bizarre comments; attributing personal motives to me, regarding the assassination threat to PM @narendramodi”.(sic)