JD Laxminarayana to be AP BJP President ?

rp_JD-Lakshmi-Narayana-300x221.jpgThe choice of the Andhra Pradesh BJP president continues to be in a deadlock. The latest name came on the screen is none other than a senior Ex-official of all India cadre.

BJP party is suffering due to the criticism of the opposition under the name of Special status. Although it is against the party culture to give a top position to a newly joined person, BJP heads are in a view to give a respectable position to this IAS officer immediately after joining the party.

After the possibility of Kanna Laxminarayana changing the party, Somuveerraju, Manikala Rao and Akula Satyanarayana were considered. There is an argument that the party high command is not as optimistic about Somu veer Raju for various reasons. Though the name of Sathyanarayana is under consideration, he is new to the party. If Manikala Rao is willing, his name will be considered. In this context, Party is looking for a substitute.