Watch Jayashali banda boothulu hurts Mahesh Fans

Watch Jayashali banda boothulu hurts Mahesh Fans 

PD Sundar Rao (Jayashali) who is known as Evangelist for many Telugu people has spoken something that deeply hurt the feelings of Mahesh Babu Fans. Sundar Rao insults Mahesh Babu with words like ‘kukka’.

“Vaadu kodithe dimma thirigi mind block ayipoddaa? Ara kg maamsam undadhu vaadi ontlo. chethulu oochallaa untaayi. vaadu kodite mind block ayipoddaa? Devudu kodite mind block avuddani chepparaa kukka”.

No stopping at that Pokiri dialogue, he also shouted hinting Mahesh Babu’s title Khaleja, “That actor has got no khaleja. This Sundar Rao has got khaleja”.

No one knows why this so called peace lover is disturbing the peace of Mahesh fans for no reason. Is this a mere publicity stunt? Watch this video and decide yourself!

The actual video has been removed by you tube ..

But for our reader we bring you a video where he used the word kukka (not clear who is referred to)