Jayaprada supports Balakrishna

Jayaprada supports Balakrishna

So Jayaprada, fading film star and jaded political leader is interested in AP politics once again. With her stint in Uttar Pradesh politics almost coming to end, the veteran star of yester years want to explore any new possibilities in Telugu political firmament once again.

Jaya on Tuesday had a darshan of Lord Balaji at Tirumala on the occasion of her birthday and expressed her interest in AP politics. The 1962-born Jayaprada said she would support ‘good friend’ Balakrishna if he were to contest elections. She also praised Chandrababu Naidu’s 9-year rule as having benefited the state.

People close to Jayaprada say that she was not a great fan of Chandrababu Naidu, as she nurses grudge against him for easing her out of the party in late 90s. Her subsequent rise in UP politics with the help of wheeler-dealer Amar Singh is well-known. But the two-time MP of Samajwadi Party has no political future in UP, though she will continue to be an MP till 2014.

In this backdrop that Jayaprada is likely to have eyes set on AP for future political career. However, she is not likely to take a decision on aligning with any party in the near future, as political situation in AP continues to be fluid.

“I have not decided on anything (about joining TDP”, she hastened to add