Jayadev Movie Review – New Hero in Old Plot

jayadev-reviewMovie : Jayadev
Director : Jayanth C Paranji
Producer : K.Ashok Kumar
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Starring : Ganta Ravi, Malvika Raaj
TeluguSquare.com Rating : 2.5/5


Jayadev (Ganta Ravi) is a powerful Police Officer who doesn’t crouch to any kind of pressure. No matter what the result may be. Sriram (Ravi Prakash), a police officer of his neighboring village gets killed. The case comes under the Jayadev police station jurisdiction. Jayadev starts an investigation to find the person behind the murder of Sriram.

Jayadev comes to know that Sriram was murdered while investigating about the crimes committed by Mastan Babu (Vinod Kumar) . He finds that Sriram was murdered after he collects evidence against Mastan Babu. What justice will Jayadev do to the Sriram’s family?. How he will trap Mastan Babu and put to law…Forms story.

Jayadev is the debut film for Ganta Ravi Teja, He has made an impressive effort within his scope and gave a decent performance. He excelled in emotional scenes but has to improve a lot in other things. The heroine’s role was restricted to glamor show. After a long gap, Vinod Kumar got a meaty role and has done justice. Rest of the cast Vennala Kishore, Paruchuri Venkateshwara Rao, and Siva Reddy are good in their roles.


Manisharam’s music is not so pleasant, The BGM was good. Action part choreography was good. Production values are good. Dialogues about the police department are impressive.

Jayadev is Telugu remake of Tamil super hit film Sethupati.The director Jayanth could not convert the film to suit the Telugu audience. He tried to show the original content without making any changes. Basically, for this film, Police officer Jayadev’s emotions are very important, Sriram’s murder, followed by the incidents, Plays a key in the film. All these have worked out properly. But the love track between the lead pair completely failed. The body language of the hero and his smiles letdowns in romantic scenes.

However, some scenes really show the greatness of police department. In the second half, the entire films revolve around the battle between the Hero and the Villain. The film lacks pace in second half due to no exciting elements, twists, and thrills. The songs interrupted the storyline. During the climax, the director tried to rely on emotions.The actions scenes are exciting for the mass audience.

+ Scenes related to police
+ Conversations
+ Action scenes
– Story & Screenplay
– The absence of entertainment


New Hero in Old Plot