Jayadev gives thundering speech in Parliament

galllaTDP MP Galla Jayadev initiated the debate on the no trust motion in the Lok Sabha gave a thundering speech in the parliament cornering the ruling BJP.

Jayadev Galla M.P. Guntur A.P. while initiating “No Confidence Motion “ has shown the mirror to Hon’ble P.M. Nothing should be assured, if there is no intention to fulfil it. Reference to Reddy brothers is also a direct attack on corruption.

And the funny part of this “no confidence “ motion is that a well-researched MP like Jaidev Galla is actually advertising as to how much the Modi Govt has done for the northeast, Bundelkhand, Gujarat and Navi Mumbai

TDP says the Centre has merely given 2 to 3% of the required fund for development of Andhra Pradesh after the separate state was formed. Two statues in Gujarat and Maharashtra getting more money than the capital city of Andhra says TDP MP Jaidev Galla.

Jayadev gave a resounding speech about the unscientifically and arbitrarily division of the state. He continued to speak of the unkept promises to the Andhra Pradesh.