Jayadev Bharat Ane Nenu reference Backfires

banTDP MP Jayadev starting his speech with film Bharat Ane Nenu starring Mahesh Babu has backfired the Young leader. It may be a loving gift to his Prince brother in law but not apt in the context of AP and nation. To balance he has had to add Bahubali but for the wrong reason. To use such a rare opportunity for this kind of gimmicks not expected from intelligent young MP

Political analysts say They are not very much satisfied with the initiation of No confidence motion by Galla Jayadev. It lacked the political thrust needed for such a historic occasion. He may be fluent in corporate English but not familiar with the political grammar of India.

He could have quoted words of many erstwhile leaders including NTR instead of cinematic dialogues, his intention to promote the movie of Mahesh Babu, wasting precious time and money of parliament and people aspirations during an important discussion was well criticised by majority people.
MPs are to represent the agony of people of Andhra Pradesh, Not To Promote Bharat Ane Nenu Or Bahubali. Jayadev Galla belittled the cause of fight for special status by taking Bharat Ane Nenu as an example, which is just a movie.