Jawaan censor Report

jawaaActor Sai Dharam Tej is preparing for the release of the film Jawaan after back to back flops. The movie unit that has already released romantic songs to impress the youth , has released trailer of the film.

The trailer definitely impress the Family audience with family sentiments. The heroine glamour and Sai Dharam Tej’s performance will be highlight of this movie.

The dialogue of the actor ‘Yud’dhaṁ modalayyāka pakkōḍu pōyāḍā.. Venakōḍu āgipōyāḍā.. Mundōḍu kūlipōyāḍā kādurā.. Yud’dhaṁ gelicāmā lēdā annadē mukhyaṁ’, shows the intensity of the film. The trailer has increased expectations on the film.

The faceoff between Sai Dharam Tej and Prasanna will be highlight of the film. The fim has completed the censor formalities and awarded with U/A.