Janatha Garage Non-USA premiere clearance doubtful ?

jg-gulfAs reported earlier, Jr.NTR’s Janatha Garage is releasing in 180 non-USA overseas screens, which is a record for Telugu cinema. For the first time, a Telugu film is making debut in countries like Philippines and Brunei

But here is the latest buzz about non-USA premiere shows, Janatha Garage Non-USA premiere clearance doubtful as production doesn’t want to start any shows before 3 am IST. Distributors in dilemma as of now.

Hardly less than 10 premiers scheduled before 3am IST in Non-USA markets so there is no need to worry about that , says a source.

It’s still unknown as why the makers have taken decision not to screen premiers before 3 am IST. May be it’s a strategic decision from the creative team to avoid something.