Janaki demands Bharat Ratna, rejects Padma !

Legendary singer S. Janaki who is announced for the prestigious Pamda Bhushan Award yesterday has rejected the honor of Indian Government. She has openly criticized the biased attitude of Government in these Awards.

S Janaki was very disappointed over the number of people from south India in the  Padma awards list,  Janaki said that “I’m saddened by the fact that north India has been given more prominence than south India.’What is the use of Padma Bhushan at this stage of my career? If you really want to respect me, give me only Bharat Rathna and I am not ready to take any honor less than that. South India is always kept one step back in these highest civilian Awards. I’m extremely disappointed I do not want to complain on Government but this is a very late recognition and a delayed honor. So, neither I am excited nor ready to accept it”. She has sung more than 15,000 songs. In which she has sung more than 1000 songs with SP Balasubramanyam.