Jana Sena turns Kula Sena : Sri Reddy

janasenaActress Sri Reddy who is nowhere concerned with Janasena or politics started targetting Pawan Kalyan once again, branding the party as Kulasena party.

Seh said, As part of the Jana Sena party structure, some posts have already been allocated. But it would be nice if they were allotted to all castes and also to Pawan Fans. She gave a list as follows.

1. Janasena Party President – Pawan Kalyan (Kapu),
2. Janasena Co ordinator – Madasu Gangadharam (Kapu),
3. Janasena Official Representative – Tota Chandrasekhar (Kapu),
4. Janasena Treasurer – Marisetty Raghaviah (Kapu),
5. Janasena Official SpokesPersons – Addilapalli Sridhar (Kapu),
6. Another Spokesperson – Parthasarathy (Kapu),
7. Janasena Media Incharge – Pasupuleti Hariprasad (Kapu),
8. Janasena Youth Division President – Kiran (Kapu),
9. Janasena Krishna – Guntur & East & west Incharge – Muthanseeti Krishna Rao (Kapu)

The most prominent positions in the party are being filled with Kapu leaders everywhere.