Jana Sena express concern over Pawan Kalyan’s security

janasenaJana Sena party leaders have expressed its concern over the safety of its chief, Pawan Kalyan, who went into public with Porta Yatra in North coastal region of AP

Janasena said The AP govt is fully responsible for any untoward incidents in case of Pawan Kalyan’s safety. They alleged that the state govt is acting with a conspiracy.

The Porata Yatra is getting an unprecedented response from public and Thousands of people are moving on to the roads to see Pawan. The government is jealous and not giving enough security.The government is not providing minimum protection to Pawan Kalyan during this campaign.

There is an interference of the govt in police duties. The government is not giving the police enough opportunity to do their duties freely. The police department has also ignored their responsibilities. Janasena is serious about the police for not acting in a constitutional manner.

The Jana Sena leaders warned that the government will be responsible if any untoward incidents are caused by the police’s failure. In such case, the Jana Sena and Pawan fans will come onto the streets and protest against the state government.

They said, Private security has been hired for Pawan’s security but if govt comes forward to provide full security to Pawan they would withdraw their private security. The district SP and IGs have been requested to provide protection for Pawan Kalyan during his Yatra. JS Vice President Mahendra, P Hariprasad, Raghaviah and others attended the press meet.