Jana Reddy’s son illegal activities

It is a naked truth that politics is not about people but an avenue for earning money. A five year term in power is enough to earn money for the next five generations of the family. That is India. And if the politician happens to be a minister in a powerful portfolio then it is not just him but his family members who make the most of it.

Currently, such allegations are being faced by former home minister Jana Reddy. Reliable sources reveal that Jana Reddy’s son has been involving in illegal land dealings at the guidance of his father. On the other hand, allegations are emerging that Jana himself has involved in some illegal dealings fetching many crores.

As usual, Jana has reportedly used the much abused statement of putting an ‘enquiry’ into this and if the allegations are proved, he would quit politics. While this sort of statements only bring laughs to the commoners, many are hoping that a day will come when something real and fair happens in the state.