Jan Dhan accounts makes mockery of Demonetization

rp_money-300x168.jpegWhile Prime Minister Narendra Modi banned the high demonetization notes to curb Black money, Rs 64,252.15 crores have been pumped into Jan Dhan accounts , laughing at demonetization.

Jan Dhan accounts were opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana to cater the financial needs of the poor under the poverty line. A total 25. 58 crores accounts were opened under the Scheme.

With Rs 64,252.15 crores deposited into those accounts across the country, Demonetization has become a laughing stock.

With Rs, 64,252.15 crores deposit into 25. 58 crores accounts, On average a Jan Dhan will have at least 2+ crores . While 5.98 crore is zero balance accounts

Here is the state-wise breakup

Uttar Pradesh Rs 10,670.62 crore deposits
West Bengal and Rajasthan Rs 7,826.44 crores
Rajasthan Rs 5,345.57
Bihar Rs 4,912.79 crores.