Jakkanna Movie Review – Half Craved

jakkannaMovie : Jakkanna
Director : Vamsi Krishna Akella
Producer : Sudarshan Reddy
Music Director : Dinesh
Starring : Sunil, Mannara Chopra
TeluguSquare.com Rating : 2.75/5


Jakkanna aka Ganesh (Sunil) is son of a Teacher (Nagineedu) , influenced by a moral story told when he was kid, His motto in life is to Help back those who have helped him in the past, till they are saturated by his help. Gangster Bairagi(Kabir Singh) helps Jakkanna from a Rowdy (Jeeva) , thus Jakkanna wants to help him back,

Jakkanna keep on eye on all those who are threat to Bairagi and keeps irritating him with his good deeds. He also falls in love with Bairagi’s sister Mannara Chopra . Till then Bairagi is not exposed to anyone, he lives a secret life , but because of Jakkanna , Bagari gets exposed and Police runs after him. With this, Baragi gets irritated and decides to kill Jakkanna . How will Jakkanna face the situation ? …forms the story.


Sunil doesn’t disappoint with his fights, songs and dances like any other mass hero. However the expected comedy from Suil is not up to the mark. With several comedians like Asish vidyardhi, prudhvi, Saptagiri, Raghu and Prabhas Srinu, the comedy was expected to blast, but it was just time pass comedy. The main fault in the film is the thin hairline story . With the lack of story line , it would be hard to make the audience sit for more than two hours .

Every scenes goes in expected manner, nothing interesting or fresh. Although the characters in the film deliver punch dialogues , but that do not fulfill the expected output. The first half is just timepass with teasing scenes, duets, Karate school episodes where Saptagiri plays Master. The reals story begins after Unveiling Bairagi. It seems to be logic less a gangster life is saved by a common man.

Sunil perfected adapted the Ganesh role by following the director orders , he has impressed with his fights and dances . He generated humour with CI Kattappa and also imitates Balakrishna’s dialogues . Saptagiri was homiurosu in Kung Fu Master role. Munnar Chopra is restricted to lamour. Satya Prakash, Kabir Khan and others have justified their roles.

Ram Prasad’s cinematography was good, Music was also good.Director Vmsi Krishan Akella should had done some ground work while preparing Story .

Jakkanna is a half carved sculpture .